Executive Director

What to do with "A Life Sentence"

Jennifer Tracy is on a mission to save lives. With courage and grit, she continues to change communities' one life at a time. Jennifer knows pain, the pain of burying a husband and child. The pain of being diagnosed with PTSD, something people can't see with their eyes. However, she also knows how to use pain as a way to create lasting positive change. For years Jennifer has taught others to do the same. She brings hope and solutions to the tough issues we face today: Suicide, grief, poor mental health, addiction and PTSD. Her studies at Metro State University of Denver that she finds most relevant to her business mission and enhance her programs include Human Services, Criminal Justice, Victimology, PTSD, Psychology and Nutrition, however she feels the most useful degree she holds is her Honorary Doctorate in “RLE” (Real Life Experience)!

About Brittany-Our why

In Loving Memory of Brittany Anne and Brian


On August 11th 2004, a drunk driver blew through a stop sign killing Brittany and Brian instantly. Jennifer's other two daughters, McKayla (Brittany's twin) and Amber both survived the car crash with permanent injuries. Brittany, a sweet child, born with Cerebral Palsy was known for her kindness, smile and love for all people. We move forward in honor of both Brittany and Brian knowing that they would bless the mission and purpose of Brittany's Bridge, to advocate and come along side those who find themselves struggling. In fact, it was Brian who once talked of starting such a program called "Faithful Friends." Both Brittany and Brian were no strangers to pain, grief, anger and struggle. We honor any of you that have known such pain yourselves. We truly desire to come along side you and help you get from where you are to where you want to be.

Our Board of Directors

Jodie Shaw-President


Jodie has a BS in Organizational Management with an Associates in Psychology/Counseling. She has over 25+ years of experience working in mental health & hospital settings. She knows first hand the importance of quality mental health. Jodie fully supports the mission of Brittany's Bridge. 

Paul Adam-Vice President


Paul Adams has a BS in Computer Science and a Masters in Computer Informations Systems (MCIS) both from Colorado State University. He has spent the last 20+ years working as an IT Consultant and is excited to use those skills to support and stand behind the ongoing stages and mission of Brittany's Bridge.

Tisha Ringle-Secretary


Tisha Ringle has a BS in Psychology and will earn her MS in Clinical Counseling in December of 2019.  She has 18+ years of experience in the field and has used those talents throughout her community. Tisha is excited to see Brittany's Bridge impact the masses and fully supports the cause and mission.